Marketing Management and Principles of Customer Behaviour

Duration: 2 days


Learning Objectives

This course is designed to serve as an overview to the tablestakes of marketing, practices, and the application of these practices. 

Course Description

This programme examines our present-day marketing system from a managerial point of view and has a current events component to help emphasize the marketing principles in today’s business world. Starting from why and how customers buy, going through how to promote goods this special time focuses on how to manage marketing end to end. The majority of class time will be spent in lecture discussing the various solutions to marketing cases by the application of marketing principles shown by best minimum budget examples from various sectors.

Upon satisfactory completion of this course, students will be able to demonstrate comprehension and application of the following skills:

  • Define the term marketing and explain its role and importance in an individual firm and the overall economy.
  • Understand the importance of strategic marketing and know the basic outline for a marketing plan:
  •  Describe the evolved elements of the marketing mix
  •  Create and present the components of a working marketing plan

Subjects covered during the programme

  • Business Goals & Company Strategy
  • Mission Statement & SMART Goals
  • Internal and External Analysis
    • PEST Analysis
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Competitive Analysis
  • Segmentation,
  • Target Markets
  • Positioning
  • Evolution of the Marketing Mix
    • Product: How to Sell
    • Place: Route to Market
    • Price: Value
    • Promotion: Contentand story telling
  • Digital Transformation of marketing
  • Best examples of Cannes creativity festival

What to/not to expect

  • Lecturing from books and similar sources
  • Slide reading
  • Rich content and story telling
  • Sales and marketing culture from big budget TV commercial companies
  • Lectures from top managers who never failed
  • Monologue which is not interactive
  • A sharing creates more approach
  • A session where case studies and examples enrich the lecturing

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