Turkish for Foreigner  Course

                                                               CEC TURKISH COURSES

Program Dates: February 2020

Course Duration: 100 hours

Course Dates: Monday, Wednesday / 18:30 - 21:30

General Information

CEC offers General Turkish courses for international students who come to our university from other countries. The program aims to provide Turkish as a Foreign Language instruction to students of all ages and abilities who have come to study universities in Turkey.

Aims and Objectives

The students will:

  • learn how to make a variety of requests, both written and verbal, and learn the vocabulary and grammar structures associated with an appropriate register.

  • acquire the necessary vocabulary and language skills in order to understand small texts about abstract topics and express their opinions accordingly in both written and verbal form.

  • continue to learn to navigate Turkish internet sites, news and social media to acquire information necessary for language development


    Course Requirements

    For the levels of A2, B1 and B1+, previous knowledge is required. For A1 level, there is no expected background knowledge.

    Placement Policy

    For all levels except A1, a placement test is obligatory and students are placed into the most appropriate level according to the results of this test.

    Course Content

    96 contact hours are scheduled for each level. For the courses the series of Istanbul Turkish for Foreigners (Kultur Sanat Basimevi, 2015) including the practice of all four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking according to the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR) are used. According to the CEFR, there are 4 levels that describe that language abilities and experiences. These are as follows:

    A1: After completing this level students are able to:

    - Use simple phrases and sentences to deal with everyday situations like finding the way in the city, ask others for information or having small-talks.

    - Write letters or emails with short and simple sentences (approx. 50-100 word-length).

    - Understand slowly and clearly spoken short listening audios or videos.

    - Understand simple texts such as advertisements, friendly notes or to-fill-out forms.

    A2: After completing this level students are able to:

  • Use longer and more complicated phrases and sentences about their interests, jobs, friends and families.

  • Understand clearly spoken listening audios or videos.

  • Write short letters or e-mails (approx. 100-150 word-length) with personal or professional content.

  • Understand short texts with a complicated structure

B1: After completing this level students are able to:

  • Use long and complicated phrases and sentences (written or spoken) about different interests and take part in a conversation about current social problems such as environmental pollution, unemployment or addiction problems.

  • Understand longer dialogues or radio / television programs.

  • Write a statistic analysis and respond briefly or at length

  • Understand longer and complicated texts.

B1+: This level gives students the chance of a more academic approach to the subjects.

Assessment Process

3 achievement tests are used during the courses and detailed feedback is provided to students after these tests.

For further details about our programs, visit our website www.ydy.itu.edu.tr


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