Uzun - İngilizce Yeterlilik Kursu (Proficiency Exam)

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For Registration: İTÜ Sürekli Eğitim Merkezi Mimarlık Fakültesi Taşkışla-Taksim

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Phone:  0212 251 13 29 Istanbul Technical University / Continuing Education Center

General Information

Proficiency courses are for those who are pursuing both their B.A and M.A degrees at ITU. Since the medium of instruction is either 30% or 100% English in faculties, students should have adequate knowledge of English and they are tested with proficiency exams organized by ITU. After achieving ITU SFL Proficiency exam, students have the right to study at their departments. The main goal of the intensive proficiency courses is to prepare students for their education in their departments in terms of English language proficiency. Classes mainly focus on listening, reading and writing skills as well as vocabulary, grammar. CEC offers B1 and B1+ level courses. In the spring season, A2+ levels from the preparatory class can also register for this course

Aims and Objectives

The course covers all parts of the proficiency exam in detail. It also provides information and advice for the test supporting students with sample questions and previous proficiency exams. Students will have a deeper knowledge of the test with the exercises prepared for every aspect of the exam. These courses aim to develop the fundamental skills in English. It mainly aims to increase students’ level of English expected for undergraduate and graduate studies.

Course Requirements

This course is suitable for students who are minimum B1or B1+ level in the fall term, but A2+ level from preparotory class can also attend this course in the spring term.

Course Content

Lessons mainly focus on writing, listening, reading skills and grammar. Course books prepared by ITU SFL and materials especially designed for the proficiency exam are used in the class.

Assessment Process

Students who obtain 60 or higher scores in the Proficiency Exam are regarded successful and continue their undergraduate or graduate studies.

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